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Gregory Lamberson

Brought on as a freelance designer and developer for a author and filmmaker's website design, I created a custom design solution that changed the way this client did business.

Project Brief

  1. A local author and filmmaker was having trouble growing into new markets due to his very outdated and poorly designed website. Since he was moving into a new format of electronic books for a new publication, he wanted to make sure that his presence online matched both the current webscape, and his overall theme of horror and thriller genres.

  2. Working directly with the client allowed me to come up with a complete outline of all the content on his site that should be included, as well as consolidating the redundant content on his current site.

  3. This was a complete redesign, as the website had no content strategy or content organization, so I was tasked with first cataloging all content, then organizing it into genres, and then executing on the design wireframes that the client approved.


  1. At first, this project had to be put on hold until a full list of content was created from his current site. I went through all the pages, with a guide of what books and movies the client has created, and indexed them into content genres.

  2. Once an outline of what content is going to be included in the website was complete, I created wireframes to present to the client that focused on the content strategy and how it relates to the user. The client and I worked together to come up with a website strategy. I explained that the most ideal way of thinking about his website is not only as a place to learn about him, but also as a way to increase his sales.

  3. Once the general layout and content strategy was complete, I focused on the unique design style that would tell users about the client even without having to read anything about his work. This was done through a custom photo shoot that culminated with a completely original piece of photo-collage artwork, which was used for the background of the client’s website. The color scheme for this artwork was inspired by the client’s own films, and I brought that same color scheme into the rest of the website, to give it an emotional impact on the users.

  4. Once approval was given on the final design sketches, I began making a HTML and CSS wireframe.

  5. Using the Drupal CMS, I turned this static code into a custom Drupal theme, complete with data aggregation, book and movie taxonomies, custom content types, and other interaction elements. I set up the content in a way that is completely scalable for as many books or movies as the author comes out with, while writing PHP code to add custom functionality to his site and increasing viewer engagement.

  6. Presented the final design to the client, and trained him in the CMS usage.


  1. Above all, the client was ecstatic to have such a unique and professional site to display his work. He was launching a new e-book format a few months after this site was completed, and the new redesign enabled him to more effectively advertise and highlight that content.

  2. The site launch caused the client to gain over 25% more twitter followers through the custom twitter widget and site integration of his social media.

  3. Visitors that were going to the clients other sites (blog, twitter, facebook) were now going to this one place to get the content, increasing engagement and overall site visitors.