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I was in charge of a complete redesign of a online advertising firm's website. Read on for a detailed case study

Project Brief

  1. Current website was not meeting the needs of the company to show itself as a leader in web technology and advertising, needed a complete redesign.

  2. Needed to use modern web-technologies and design trends, such as:

    • Responsive Web Design
    • Removal of Flash banner in favor of content-focused approach
    • SEO
    • Professional & modern color palette and photos
    • CSS3 + Semantic HTML5
    • Webfonts
  3. Fix current website issues as seen in Google Analytics:

    • Users are not engaging before reaching actionable pages, such as signing up to become an advertiser.
    • Important information, such as what we actually DO, are lost deep within layers of pages.
    • High exit rates on secondary level pages.
  4. Quick turn-around to coincide with a relaunch of our main product. (2 months)


  1. Annotated Wireframes that highlight the goals and solve them.

    • Make action items more visible to users
    • Reduce page depth of the site so all relevant information can be accessed in 2 clicks, analytic research showed that the interactions were occurring on the fourth and fifth page level, so moving those up closer to the user will increase interaction.
    • Make the design and content strategy better so we can reduce exit rates.
  2. Layout sketches of the website that build off the solutions outlined in the wireframes.

  3. Get buy-in with shareholders (as part of a complete re-branding effort).

  4. Approval for final design approach.

  5. Make lists of features and content needed:

    • Direct photoshoot of management team.
    • Professional copywriting for each sales approach.
    • Custom icons for giving the user visual cues and helping them navigate large lists of content.
  6. Using GIT, create the code complete version of the website, along with several branches that have a slightly different design focus

  7. Present to final shareholders.


  1. All shareholders were very pleased with the new update to the design style of the website, so much so that the new color scheme and layout options were brought into other areas of the companies style guide.

  2. The redesign of the site resulted in a noticeable boost in our SEO, pushing down unwanted search results and resulting in a more organized indexing on the Google results page. Also, connecting the newly designed social media pages resulted in increased back-links and a healthier, search-friendly online presence.

  3. The exit rates and engagement problems were both solved by this redesign effort. By reducing the total number of pages by more than half, and moving the relevant information up-front, the exit rates went down from %50 per page to %20 per page, and total time on the site increased on average of %100, or from :50 to almost 2 minutes.

  4. For mobile users, the difference was astounding, as the first site was inaccessible to mobile users due to its’ heavy use of flash on the homepage. With this redesign, the differences in engagement between mobile and desktop users is negligible.